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Opportunity Zones in Kansas

Opportunity Zones are low-income census tracts certified by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. There are 74 designated Opportunity Zones within Kansas, including in the cities of Wichita, Lenexa, and Kansas City.

Learn more about financing your Opportunity Zone project in Kansas, with Qualified Opportunity Fund equity investments.


Why develop your project in an Opportunity Zone in Kansas with OZone Financing Solutions?

OZone Financing Solutions can help you source investment capital to develop your project in Kansas. Opportunity Zones connect private-sector investment to low-income communities, which means you can finance your project in Kansas and stimulate the local economy. An Opportunity Zone investment is a great way to benefit both investors and communities in Kansas, such as Kansas City Metropolitan Area and Wichita Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Visit our Opportunity Zone development guide to learn about developing Qualified Opportunity Zone property and to discover how OZone Financing Solutions can benefit your project in Kansas.


We will work with you to simplify the Opportunity Zone process in Kansas.

To successfully secure Opportunity Zone equity investment, you may need to use multiple types of capital in the final capital stack for your project. You’ll also need to establish a Qualified Opportunity Fund and market your Opportunity Zone project. OZone Financing Solutions can provide you with a turnkey, one-stop-shop solution to simplify the process. OZone Financing provides best-in-class quality, speed, and coordination for project structuring and legal documentation as well as a full marketing and fundraising package.


What areas in Kansas qualify as an Opportunity Zone?

Our free Opportunity Zone Map will show where designated Opportunity Zones are located within Kansas.

Ozone Financing’s Opportunity Zone map

If your project is located within a designated Opportunity Zone in Kansas, you should familiarize yourself with the requirements for becoming a Qualified Opportunity Zone property.


Kansas and its economic climate are vibrant.

Kansas is an attractive destination for visitors, university students, and investors. Well-known landmarks and cities, such as OZ Museum and Topeka, attract tourists to the area, and Sterling College and Manhattan Christian College draw students from across the United States and around the world. Additionally, Kansas has embraced Opportunity Zones as a great source of potential growth for the U.S. economy and for low-income communities. Opportunity Zones provide strong returns for investors while providing communities with much-needed development capital and jobs. Kansas has a GDP of $157.80 billion, which ranks 32nd in the United States.

The State of Kansas covers an area of 82,278 square miles, including 9 major cities, with a total population of 2,911,505 and 74 Opportunity Zones. It is the 40th-most densely populated state in the United States.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the State of Kansas had a population of approximately 2,146,000 over the age of 16. Of this, approximately 1,502,000 people are in the labor force of Kansas, with 1,397,000 who are employed and 106,000 unemployed. Unemployment statistics for the State of Kansas in 2015 show average unemployment at 4.2%. Monthly unemployment rates in Kansas were 3.6% in October 2015, 3.6% in November 2015, and 3.6% in December 2015.


Our EB5AN State of Kansas regional center offers a unique alternative source of capital.

Our EB5AN State of Kansas EB-5 regional center covers Opportunity Zones in Wyandotte and Sedgwick counties, which creates a unique opportunity to further incentivize investors and diversify your project’s sources of capital. Through the EB-5 Program, qualified foreign investors can invest in a USCIS-approved EB-5 regional center projects to gain permanent resident status in the United States. Our EB5AN State of Kansas regional center offers geographic coverage of Wichita, Lenexa, and Kansas City, including the areas of Murdock, Country Oak Estates, and Quality Hill. The Wichita metropolitan area encompasses Sedgwick, Butler, Harvey and Sumner counties in Kansas.


Discover the benefits of developing your project in a Qualified Opportunity Zone.

Given Kansas’s large population, becoming a Qualified Opportunity Zone business would create measurable benefits in your community. You would stimulate the local economy, thereby reducing the number of unemployed people in Kansas.

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